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05 Oct

How to become a Scrum Master?

Online training for agile seems an unachievable task. As everyone out there seems to be too much engrossed with their regular career regime, that leaves them NO time to pull their socks and do something extra to give a boost to their career graph.

But not anymore!

Hey fellas, wake up as there is a scrum master's degree waiting for you, so you can win the obstacles and hold together your capabilities to enhance your career with scrum framework, facilitating the process for the organization, and team members.

Are you ready to shoot the gun?

Then let’s get on a journey to understand the steps required to be a successful scrum master?


What is a Scrum Master?

The scrum master is an individual, responsible for managing the process. He/she is not involved in any other decision making but only has the reasonability to guide the team to understand the scrum process. A scrum master channelizes the complete team and helps them support the process while expanding the theory, practice, rules, and values of the scrum process.


How to Become a Scrum Master in easy & simple Steps?


Step 1: Select Scrum certification

You must choose your career as a scrum master with a recognized certification program. There are different Scrum master certifications.


Step 2: Attend a Scrum course

It is necessary to enroll in an officially recognized Scrum course. Every certification has different needs and requirements, so you need to recognize those needs before sitting for the exam.


Step 3: Register for exam

Register for the exam in the center nearest to you. If you fail to clear the exam within 14 days of finishing the course, you would be granted a second attempt for free.  


Step 4: Clear the exam

Depending on the certification program, the actual exam will vary. There can be MCQs which you need to complete in an hour's time. The graduating percentage is between 60–85%.


Step 5: Renew certifications

As scrum master certifications expire every two years. You need to pay a fee to renew your certificate.



It is quite obvious for you to feel confused while choosing the right career booster and don’t know where to start with. So cut the woes of this dilemma and reach out to us at UpskillYourself, as we’re here to resolve your queries and concerns we have the right tools and faculty to facilitate the professional scrum master’s degree to you. Give us a call today and let your career grow with the best scrum master certification training in US.

Mike Williams, Direct Consultant